What is Web to Print

Web to print is also shortened as Web2Print. Some people prefer to call it remote publishing. Web to print is a business term that stands for all printing that is done online. At Vauxhall Printing, we ensures online printing is done through a website. The technology enables the printing person and the client to create, edit and approve a template before printing Birmingham occurs. The process is cost effective but time-consuming when a lot of work is to be edited. Companies dealing with offset printing and digital production are the frequent users of the web to print technology.

Main Target Area

Web to print technology is adopted by commercial users. It is also used by the general public that accesses documents via public or private cloud storage offered by printing Birmingham services. At Vauxhall printing, we avail templates to clients so they can use as a final product. It is also possible to upload your content and print without any modifications. The preferred file format used by many printing Birmingham printers is the PDF format.

What Gets Printed

Examples of things that are printed are business cards; signs, posters, stationery, brochures, etc. printing Birmingham can either be done in color or grayscale.

At Vauxhall printing, we are expanding into the marketing and distribution business. Ensure all your web to print needs and printing Birmingham takes place at Vauxhall printing. You’ll love our services!

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